About The Christina Lowe

thechristinaloweThe Christina Lowe | Storyteller, Consultant, Trainer, Idea Generator

Story is the basis of our human experience. We tell stories; we share stories; we create stories; we are stories. I’m a storyteller.

Marketing, Media & Branding – at their best – are stories. They are the stories that make things real, create and build relationships as well as share experiences. Make the world laugh or cry, but entertain us — this is the heart of storytelling and the heartbeat of marketing.

Social Media, Native Advertising and Viral Campaigns are today’s marketing. Wherever it has been, this is where it is now — because we’ve never wanted to be objectified; we’ve never wanted to be just a number; we’ve never wanted to be advertised at. With current and emerging technologies, advertising can be a tool for building relationships, entertaining, and educating without making your customers feel like just a number.

English — it’s today’s lingua franca. Make sure your site and your personal language use presents you in the best light.


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